Please contact me if you would like me to do some animation work for you.

I Created this animation commission for a client
from The Pods back in May this year.

It's a little 5 second animation of the Pods characters.
Thank you Alison Bateman for asking me to create the animation. 
Check out The Pods website at -

A pilot project that I aim to get funding for In the future, Is to create an extended 6 minute film that helps to raise awareness of Selective Mutism. My two minute film was made as part of 'Different Voices: A Neurodiverse Film Training Project' In Bristol.

Thanks to Emma Lazenby from 'Formed Films' for mentoring me during the making of this film.

Thanks also to both Steven Clarke and Tom Stubbs from 'Biggerhouse Film' and Alex Usborne from '104 Films' for help with producing and editing the film.

ZACK! 2016

ZACK! Is an animation film exercise I made during my MA Animation course at UCA, Farnham. 

Zack is a young boy who has ADHD. I created a character that celebrated and jokingly exaggerated the qualities of a Neurodiverse ADHD child. Hope you enjoy watching my film!


CHEESE the mouse thinks only of herself and Is alone until the discovery of another mouse named CHEDDAR. How will she react to this new arrival? 

ME MICE SELF AND was created using Toon Boom Studio and thanks to Melody Loops for the music. 

AWESOME P! Is an animated film about P, a lively character who loves to bounce. created on my IPad using the app Flip Boom Cartoon and edited using Windows Movie Maker. 




An Animated short film about single celled type organisms and their lives under the murky depths, made using Animation Desk for IPad.

Thanks to free SFX, for allowing me to use their brilliant sounds for my film,